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hpl/hm 500 BMS

hpl/hm 500 BMS

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Technical data for HM 500 DE

The impulse sealers hpl 300/500 BMS seal any type of thermoplastic plastic film (as well as compostable and biodegradable materials) and aluminum laminate film. Sealing and cooling time can be set separately. With the integrated cutting device, the film length can be easily adapted to the product being packed. A roll holder or front table is available as an option for different film widths.

Thanks to the pulse process, the device is very cost-effective as it only draws power when in use (hawo GreenTek). A 3 mm (0.12 inch) wide seal, uniform contact pressure thanks to an integrated locking magnet and even temperature distribution over the lower sealing rods ensure a fast and reliable sealing process.

Operation is simple and is done manually by closing the sealing rod. When the sealing process begins, the rod is held closed by a magnet. Once the sealing process is complete, the bar will open automatically. The sealers are available with rod widths of 30 and 50 cm (12 and 20 inches).
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